About Us

quartermath was designed and built by experienced and successful enterprise salespersons to address the gap in the market for an integrated, full-featured deal management/crm tool for enterprise sales teams. The objective has been to create a system that is more than just a database and actually helps to increase the number of closed deals for every salesperson. Storing information about accounts, deals, and contacts are only the most basic requirements of an enterprise deal management solution.

To help salespeople think about and manage the close process, Close Plans are provided as an integrated part of the solution.

Product Information including the latest demos and pricing is required on a current basis by salespeople and is available at the touch of a button. Product Managers are able to upload information and updates about the product in the system which salespeople use every day.

Commissions are displayed in real-time on the dasboard as soon as they are earned to continuously motivate salespeople.

Sales Managers can manage their teams easily with the Sales Management module. Sales Stages and Sales Territories can be defined according to current requirements. Sales Roles can be defined to differentiate salespeople by experience, seniority or other factors. Rep performance is displayed in real-time.